1. Fantastic summer soundtrack for you Spotify users to listen to thanks to nino2002.

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  2. A Nice Surprise on Xbox Live Arcade!

    When I checked out the Xbox Live Marketplace for new games on Games on Demand and on Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday night, I thought, “Those are rubbish”. 

    When I had a look around again on Friday to just use up some of my Microsoft Points I have got remaining, I was very surprised to find that the classic Simpsons Arcade game from back in the 90s was added. Since when have they been adding Arcade games on a Friday?


    It was a really nice surprise to find this actually as I remember this game very well and spent plenty of 50p or £1 coins (whatever it cost to play here in the UK at the time) on this game. I always enjoyed playing it but unfortunately never got to complete the game.

    But now it is out and I have downloaded the game, I have had this opportunity and have completed the game. I played it on Free Play and with Bart.

    Although it took me just over 30 minutes to complete it (can be done in less than 30 minutes - you get an achievement if you do this!) which you’d expect to be like that from an arcade game, I have enjoyed every bit of it and reliving the childhood days of playing this in a holiday park in Devon. I have had some good times on it.

    If you want to relive some arcade memories then go and download this for 800 Microsoft Points which I think is worth it.

    Now Konami, you’ve released TMNT and now the Simpsons, please release more arcade classics ported as it was back then. Maybe release GTI Club along the way?? 

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  3. Damn! This is soooo exciting! Metal Sonic returns and Tails too. What’s next in the new Sonic 4 Episode II game?? Can’t wait!

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  4. Xbox Live Party Chat Prank (by BatchUK)

    Classic Xbox Live Party Chat prank from last year whilst I was part of a clan called Supreme Allied Commanders. Enjoy. 

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  6. Playstation Home Running Man Train Line (by BatchUK)

    Memories of the fun had when I was on PS3 - joining in the running man dance line on the old Home Square in front of the PSP “Whole World In Your Hands” advert screen.

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  7. Fatman Prank On UNO (by BatchUK)

    My prank I did on UNO 2 years ago. Enjoy! 

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  8. Crysis 2: Team Instant Action On Skyline (by BatchUK)

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  9. Time for more blogging PLUS Youtube Channel Relaunch!

    Hi gamers.

    I hope you all are well and have had a great Christmas and New Year. It’s been a good while since I last blogged here.

    Over Christmas and New Year, I have 7 games to go through now and that will keep me busy for a good while. However, I have pre-ordered SSX and I literally CAN NOT wait till I get that through the letterbox in early March. Watching the trailers the other week from the game left me wanting it now, not March! I will let you watch these trailers.

    Now tell me you don’t want this now! Yeah, thought you couldn’t say that! I am so excited about this new game. It’s about time to relaunch the SSX franchise and make it better than the classic games that I came to remember and love so much… especially SSX 3. Memories!!

    Now what Xbox 360 games did I get over Christmas I hear you ask? Well for Christmas I got Goldeneye 007 Reloaded: Mi6 Edition. With my gift cards, I got Sonic Generations, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (damn I missed this game!!) and Red Dead Redemption. The others - Fallout New Vegas, Dead Island and Forza 4, got for myself. I will be giving these a decent blast. For those thinking what about MW3, I will be back on there soon with more videos to add. So far, I have given Sonic Generations and Forza 4 a decent playthrough.

    II Batch II Youtube Channel logo 

    What you see above is the new Youtube channel logo. Yes, I have refreshed the channel with a new look. Does that logo remind you of any game?

    Did you just say Crysis? You are so damn right.

    Not only the intro and outro videos have been redone but also the channel page had a lick of paint too with a matching Crysis look too (not completely finished yet - awaiting additions requested to be submitted to replace current version).

    Have a visit at http://www.youtube.com/BatchUK and see the new changes yourself. Do feel free to add your comments on this look and also regarding the blog.

    From now on, I will be posting more and you will automatically get latest videos from my Youtube channel onto this page too.

    Until next time, see ya and happy gaming! 

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  10. My OSG forum sig

    My OSG forum sig

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